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- Baby wipes for Gums & Teeth

- Natural

- PH 6.5

- Deionized water

- Alcohal free, Fragrances free, Food-grade preservative

-For Baby 's early dental care

Kids and toddlers like to enjoy great outdoor fun. They will usually come back with face smudge with dirt and every other thing that you can think of. So bring the US Baby Wet Tissue for Hand, Face & Mouth where ever you go for an instant clean up! Squeaky clean in no time. 

Wipe Clean Practically Everything!

The US Baby Wet Tissue non-woven cloth is designed to keep your kids hand, face and mouth clean. You can also use it to wipe clean baby meal set or accessories. The mild acidic pH level will effectively kill any germ or bacteria. This wet tissue also contains natural xylitol which is good for your baby dental health care. 

Kind to Sensitive Skin

The US Baby Wet Tissue is saturated with deionised water and natural moisturiser formulation that is non-irritating. This thick soft cloth is also alcohol and fragrance free, suitable for your baby sensitive skin. So get this US Baby Wet Tissue now! The economical pack is enough to clean and care for the whole family. 

US Baby & You Care

Open the US Baby Wet Tissue cover and remove seal. Discard the used wet tissue after use. Close the cover when not in use to prevent dryness. Avoid using the product on skin wound or rashes. 

Ingredients: Sanitized deionized water, lemon acid, xylitol

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