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Amway ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment (2/pk)

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Inspired by dermatological procedures* that dramatically plump and smooth the skin, this intensive treatment delivers the purity and power of our exclusive Vita-C Complex, which includes NUTRILITE-approved Acerola Cherry Extract, mixed with our most advanced, highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid Bi-Action Blend. The skin’s moisture content is maximised and the support system is strengthened to smooth the appearance of deep expression lines and revolumise skin for a refreshed, plumped, youthful look.

The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment addresses the three key factors of expression lines – Movement, Plumpness and Antioxidants – with two powerful technologies:

Vita-C Complex

Bi-Action Hyaluronic Acid Blend

It is inspired by dermatologist-injected filler treatments.

Clinically proven to visibly reduce all major expression lines, including crow’s feet, smile lines, forehead creases/ worry lines and brow lines/ frown lines and 11 lines.

Restores the appearance of fullness and volume to skin for a plumped, youthful look.

Helps prevent the look of lines caused by environmental aggressors with powerful antioxidant protection.

It has an ARTISTRY brand-first activating cap that preserves the purity and power of its 100% pure Vitamin C until the moment customers begin the treatment.

Vita-C Complex:Combining 100% Pure Vitamin C in the activating cap and NUTRILITE-approved Acerola Cherry Extract in the Serum, Vita-C Complex offers:

Multiple anti-ageing benefits

Powerful antioxidant protection

High-efficacy packaging innovation

  This INTENSIVE SKINCARE formula includes the highest-ever concentration of Vitamin C in an ARTISTRY formula. And it’s not just any Vitamin C. Our Vita-C Complex is an ingenious blend of 100% Pure Vitamin C housed in our innovative activating cap, plus the renowned, phyto-nutrient enhanced Vitamin C found in our NUTRILITE-approved Acerola Cherry Extract (from Acerola Cherries grown on AMWAY’s certified organic farms) in the serum.Bi-Action Hyaluronic Acid Blend This INTENSIVE SKINCARE formula keeps skin plump and hydrated with the highest-ever concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in an ARTISTRY formula. The carefully constructed Bi-Action Hyaluronic Acid Blend works on multiple levels to address the natural loss of HA that can emphasise the look of expression lines.It is called “Bi-Action” because it works in two ways. ARTISTRY scientists incorporated different sizes of HA polymers that target different levels of skin’s surface, with complementary effects.

Immediate Plumping in the Upper Levels: In the upper levels of skin’s surface, larger “high molecular weight” HA filaments provide an immediate plumping effect. Because of their size, they can’t penetrate deeply, so they remain in the upper levels where the added volume is most important.

Moisture and Flexibility in the Lower Levels: Tiny “low molecular weight” HA strands are able to penetrate deep within skin’s surface. There, they boost and balance skin’s internal moisture levels, keeping skin better hydrated and more flexible over time.