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-Save time and Easy Assembly 

-High quality with affordable price

-2 extra spare valves were given.

-2 milk bottle caps come with package to help ease to store milk.

-More comfortable pumping position due to unique design

-BPA Free ,PP material raw materials, do not contain harmful substances.

-Silent motor with only 40-50 decibel.

-18 modes ( 9 massage mode & 9 suction mode)

-Suction power 45kpa

-Portable with usb power.

-Small and light, easy to store.

Electric breast pumps have adjustable features you may find beneficial, including: 

a.Double-pumping function, allowing you to pump both breasts at once. 

b.Tailored suction to mimic your baby's sucking patterns 

c.Stimulation/Expression mode are switchable 

d.Change to single pump any time. 

How to use: 

Press the power switch then enter massage mode, the system will increase sucking strength gradually until the acquiescent strength. Mothers can press plus sign and minus sign to adjust the suitable strength. 

Press the mode botton and the mode can be changed, red light on while massage mode, green light on while milk sucking mode. 

There are 18 modes of milk sucking and massage, when long press plus sign or minus sign, red light or green light long flickers when the setting reaches the highest or the lowest gears. 


1. How to clean tube and pump motor unit

Do not clean cap , adapter , silicone tube and of coz motor unit as they do not come into contact with breast milk.

2. How to clean the breast pump?

Disassemable the breast pump completely include the valve. To remove the valve, gently pull at the ribbed tab on the side of the valve. Wash with warm water or bottle cleanser liquid , do not boiled the parts thoroughly to extend the life span of your parts.  

3. Unable to express milk with the pump

Make sure assembling the parts correctly. Tubing was tight and not loose and make sure is suction level is sufficient.

4. Lack of suction

Examine parts are in correct position and is in suction mode not massage mode. Check duckbill (never rub hardly while washing) and make sure silicone diaphargm firmly fit. Check tubing whether is tighly fit to cap, t connector, and also to pump. Unplug and plug again if unsure of the position. 

5. Unable to turn on or key failure

Check whether power supply is 5V 1 A. If USB to power bank wasnt up to expectation , try with power plug (phone), Just gently press on the on/ off button, dont have to press so hard to find the button feel. 

6. What is the size of the pump?

Vivadodo size is standard 23 with cusion about 21, so if  23 is your correct size just remove pedal cushion.

7. Exprience pain when using.

Make sure you are connected to both side body kit. If you thinking express only 1 side breast with insert one way silicone to the connector, suction will be higher. So adjust the express level to minimum to get your comfortable level.