Meiko Revival Rose Premium Plant Oil J (Beauty Oil For Whole Body)

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Product Description

Moist with shiny skin and hair of women shaking with age.

It is a 100% naturally derived whole body cosmetic oil blended with 7 kinds of high quality vegetable oil.

You can use it widely as a treatment from the head to the toe with a smooth delicious feel.

Relaxing aging care along with faint natural rose scent

1: Caring according to age. #meikoroseoil #meikoserumoil #meikoserum

◆ Beauty Oil for the whole body

◆ No additive (No synthetic coloring additive / No synthetic flavoring / Add petroleum mineral oil / No petroleum surfactant / Paraben free / Silicone free) Capacity: 60 mL

◆ Emollient component: 7 natural vegetable oils

 2 ■ Because of the characteristics of natural ingredients, it may solidify at low temperature, it may solidify with white turbidity, but since there is no problem in terms of quality, at the room (warm place) Please return and use.

■ Due to the nature-derived ingredient characteristics, there is a tendency such as fragrance weakening over time, but there is no problem on the quality. <Product features> ○ Rose essential oil from rose ingredients [Rose oil] / Rose hip oil [Caninavara fruit oil] <Emollient ingredient> ○ To feminine soft skin / glossy hair <Emollient ingredient> * 2 Jojoba oil [jojoba seed oil ] / Pomegranate seed oil [pomegranate seed oil] / argan oil [algana spinosa nuclear oil] / vegetable squalane [squalane] / olive oil [olive fruit oil] / macadamia nut oil [macadamia seed oil] <How to use> Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your face, body, or hair. <Estimated use idea and usage amount of one time> ○ Facial : After cleansing, 2 to 3 drops before lotion. 2 to 3 drops at the end of maintenance or before break

◆ After warming with the palm of your hand, let me feel like enveloping your face. ○ Hair care : After facial cleansing, 4 to 6 drops (medium length) centered on the tip of the hair after towel dry After warming with the palm, please soak in the palm. ○ Body care : Apply about 4 to 5 drops per arm on wet body after shower / 5 to 6 drops per leg, or where overlapping is concerned, where appropriate.

◆ Please apply while massaging. ○ Massage once a week : 6 to 8 drops from your face to the neck before showering or washing face Approximately 6 to 8 drops

◆ It is effective even if using steam while tumbling in a bathtub. * Please adjust according to your preference.

※ In addition, you can use widely such as toe treatments and hair sets.