Herolily Techni Ice Reusable Gel Ice Pack For Multiple Use X 2 Pcs


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-Techni Ice is reusable ice packs can be reused for various applications-keep milk /food/beverages cool and also can be medical treatment, Icing sore muscles.

-Food grade material and non woven fabric make it light weight, breathable and flexible to use. 

-It helps reduce packing space (you can according to packing requirement- cut it, bend it or fold it )

-The main advantage of Techni Ice in comparison to other ice packs and gel packs is that it is able to be frozen down to dry ice temperatures and unlike dry ice is classified as a dangerous good.

-2 ply Techni-Ice stays frozen longer than ever before, Outer layers are of heavy duty plastic while the inner plies are made to resist puncture and hold the main ingredient to Techni Ice, a refrigerant polymer. The last layer is textile. 

Instructions to use:

-Place in water 30 mins and fabric side down, to allow the polymer to reach with water and fully expand sheet.

-Towel dry, then stack in freezer plastic side down. Frozen for 6 hours or more until it deep cooling. Do not allow textile surfaces to touch each other, sheets may stick together and hard to divide again. 

Note: The more sheets used and the lower the temperature they are freeze down, the more days they will last.


a. Can i cut techni ice as per pic shown?

Answer: Yes you can. You may cut according to your needs by configuring or between the cells. 

b. What's the different between 2ply and 4 ply (heavy duty ) of techni ice.

Answer: 2 ply is usable however advisable is 3-5 times reuse than 4 ply which can last for years. So that's also a reason why price different much. Because 2 ply its thinner than 4 ply , so it will slowly tear off on a surface if you continue to reuse it for a long time and is less cold than before. 

C. Is this techni ice safe? Will contaminate food or breastmilk?

Answer: No, it is polymer crystal gel and FDA even allowed it added to food. ITs nature-friendly and nontoxic

D. Can it i use to cold my foods /Breastmilk more than 2 days?

Answer: IT depends whats storage bag or container you use and also how many sheets you use. This is because different storage quality it do affect hows techni ice function. Typical cooler box should last you for day or more. Its always good to use your ice brick and this tecni ice together to maximize the coldness when carry your breastmilk when travel. Advice customer try to freeze your techni ice at least 6-24 hours before use. 

C. Will you come out 4 ply soon?

Answer: Definitely yes cause customer demands.