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AJ WATERPROOF is a solvents Base-waterproofing liquid that is clear and colorless, It is totally transparent and penetrable when applied on surface it will not change the color or texture of the surface. AJ WATERPROOF can be painted over with most high quality oil based and acrylic emulsion paints.


1. Prevent Fungus Growth on External Concrete wall

Most of the houses compound wall have Fungus growth, this is due to which our weather here contain heavy moisture and rain, as a reason it, our walls look extremely ugly. To prevent fungus growth on your wall, the next time before you paint your wall just spend some extra time to clean the wall, use AJ WATERPROOF as primer then by painting. As a reason it, your walls is Fungus and U.V. free, also capable of self-cleaning for at lease 7 years.

You are recommeded to use AJ MULTIPURPOSE HARD FILLER to do your repairing. Example Loose grout, crack, joints, uneven wall, replace tile, roof tiles, etc....

2. Waterproof in back of Marble or Granite

AJ WATERPROOF must be applied on to the back and sides of the material and left to cure for 24 hours before installation.

AJ WATERPROOF ensures that no water passes through areas that have been seales thus eliminating watermarks on surface of the marble or granite installation.

3. As Invisible Surface Sealer

AJ WATERPROOF is a deep penetrating and consolidation treatment for bricks walls and most natural stones.

AvantagesThreated Surface can "breathe" as AJ WATERPROOF does not entrap moisture,-Note. is not effective againts hight water pressure.

Surface Preparation

Surface should be cleaned throughly and be free of dirt, dust, oil and other contamanation.

Application Instruction

Apply by brush or roller. Generously in a flooding manner onto all areas carefully, 2-4 coats per application. Allow for 24 hours before using. (DO NOT DILUTE)

Coverage rate will very depending on texture and porosity of the surface. Actual coverage rates should be determind during test application. (Apprex : 15m2)

Safety Information

Contains flammable solvents, Refrain from smoking and do not expose to electrical motor equipment. Ensure there is good ventilation during application and drying. Do not get the materials in eyes or skin or clothing. It is recommended to wear gloves and if necessary, eye protetion during application. Keep away from children.