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Product Specifications

Brand                FRONTLINE

Product Description

Ubat Serangga untuk kucing

Product details of Frontline Combo Spot on For Cat 1 tube (0.5ml)

Kill fleas on your pet within 24 hours

Kill ticks on your pet within 48 hours

Kills biting lice

Helps protect against flea and tick re-infestation

Cats/Dogs and kittens/puppy must be at least eight weeks old and 1kg

It can be used on pregnant and lactating queens

Elimination of fleas and insecticidal efficacy against new infestations with adult fleas persists for 8 weeks.

Elimination of ticks and has persistent acaricidal efficacy for up to 4 weeks against ticks.

Effectively treat ear mites infection

** This is a 1 tube Frontline Combo Spot on For Cat 1 tube (0.5ml) **

Efficacy against ticks for up to 4 weeks in dogs and 2 weeks in cats. Minimum treatment interval is 4 weeks for dogs and cats.

FRONTLINE Plus contains fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Legal Category NFA-VPS (UK).

Indications: to be used against infestations with fleas, alone or in association with ticks and/or biting lice. FRONTLINE Spot On contains fipronil. Legal category: AVM-GSL (UK). Indications: the treatment and prevention of infestations by fleas and ticks and control of infestations with biting lice.

FRONTLINE Combo spot on cat (for cats) ampule : treatment and prevention of attack by fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and ticks (Rhipicephalus spp., Ixodes spp.) in cats. Treatment and control of allergy to a flea bite (FAD) in cats. Prevention and treatment of attacks by bitting lice in cats.

Instructions for use

Weigh your pet and choose the correct size pipette for their weight. If your dog or cat has any signs of skin lesions, soreness or looks unwell, please check with your vet before applying.

Hold the pipette upright facing away from you, tap the pipette, and snap off the tip along scored line.

Part your pet's fur in front of the shoulder blades, where they cannot lick it, then place the pipette tip on the skin.

FRONTLINE Spot On: squeeze contents on the skin in two spots: one at the base of the skull and a second 2-3 cm further back

FRONTLINE Plus: squeeze contents on the skin in one spot at the base of the neck

You can handle your pet as usual as soon as the application site is dry

Wait 48 hours before bathing or letting your pet swim

Apply FRONTLINE Spot On monthly and FRONTLINE Plus every 4 weeks* to help protect against fleas and ticks