Baby Neck Support Pillow (3077)

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Product Specifications

Outer Material                Microfiber

Inner Material                 Kapok Fiber

Product Description


High quality - 100% soft organic cotton fabric for a soft touch. The core is a lightweight memory foam (cotton spandex), a unique baby design that is soft and comfortable to avoid head pressure. All materials are safe, soft and breathable, suitable for the entire season, and the cartoon shape is so cute that your child can put his head down.

The curve of ergonomics - the inner surface design helps to disperse the pressure and shape the baby's head. The mechanical curve design supports the neck comfort and wide enough protection to allow the baby to roll freely. No more worrying about falling off the pillow.

Healthy materials help sleep better - our slow rebound memory foam can be adjusted to your child's preferences and spine positioning needs. Every child's sleep needs are unique. The normal development of the baby's skull is recommended by the pediatrician to avoid oblique head deformities or flat heads.

Age Reference - Suitable for newborn babies 0-12 months; Size: 22 cm * 26 cm * 3 cm / 8.7 inches * 10.2 inches * 1.1 inches (inch). We tested the pillows to make sure they were not too tall or too flat.

Avoid flat heads - evenly spread the pressure on the baby's head, protect the baby's neck and create a perfect head shape. Ideal for use in cribs, beds, nurseries, day care, and even in a car or floor at home.

Memory Foam Baby Pillows are designed for newborns to help with back posture and promote proper head shape growth.

The pressure-proof baby's head support pillow helps prevent deformation of the back of the head while lying on the back. Extremely soft and does not irritate the skin, the pillow will retain its shape.

Cushion has a flat base shape designed to prevent movement and promote the perfect use of pillows in cribs and cribs.

Protect your baby's head. Suitable for infants from 0-12 months

Pillows provide ergonomic support for your baby to prevent the design of the flat head syndrome and help keep the head and baby's spine properly aligned.


This memory foam pillow has a normal sense of smell due to the direct sealing process after production.

Supporting wiping, but not soaking or reducing the product experience, the memory foam will also become dry, hard and lose its elasticity.

The products that children use every day need to be kept clean and comfortable (cleaning every 3 days is the best choice), so we recommend buying 2 for replacement at a time.



Pillow shape: round

Fabric: Velvet

Suitable for the season: spring, autumn, winter, summer

Color: pink, yellow, blue

Size: 26 length x 1.5 width x 22 height (cm)